Marshall EL34

EL34 100/100 utilises the 'industry standard' Marshall EL34 driven, valve power stage. When you hear the EL34 100/100 you will immediately appreciate this tonal heritage. An eye-catching and innovatively designed unit, it is packed with Marshall valve tone.

Marshall EL34 Power Amplifiers

Just like expensive hi-fi amps, the EL34 100/100 is a Dual MonoBloc amplifier - meaning that each side (channel) of the stereo amplifier operates as a completely independent unit. Each channel features its own Gain and Presence controls and our highly specialised 'True Differential Inverter' circuitry, ensuring that the maximum integrity and pureness of its valve tone is maintained at all times. Each channel also has a remotely switchable 'Voice' switch which takes you from 'traditional' (Voice A) to 'modern' (Voice B) and will allow you to cut through any mix.

List Price: US$1,850

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