Marshall PB100

Dave Mustaine says: "For smaller venues, I also use a Marshall Power Brake so I can keep the volume down and maintain the same tone."

What Marshall Amplifications plc says about its product is: "Marshall PB100 lets your amp cook, without frying."

Marshall PB100 Power Brakes

The Master Volume control on your valve amp makes it sound good at low volume, but ALL valve amps sound better cranked. This is a scientific fact of life. There are other attenuators or load boxes available, but they don't provide the right type of inductive load that makes your amp think it's connected to a speaker.

At best, these other devices cause your amp to sound thin and feeble. At worst, they can blow your valves output transformer -an expensive proposition. The Marshall Power Brake is the only widely available power attenuator that delivers great sound - Safely!

List Price: US$600

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