Daddario EXL140

Daddario Guitar StringsDave Mustaine used Daddario EXL 140 10-52 LTHB strings for a ling time.

J. D'addario is the largest string manufacturer in the world, and maintains its manufacturing base in the United States.

J. D'Addario is an ISO:9002 certified company. The quality certified ISO specifications are maintained in J. D'Addario's own in-house engineering, machine, marketing, graphic design, printing, and sales departments.

The company markets its products in the United States through 30 wholesale distributors and 5,000 retail music stores. In addition, the export markets are handled by 120 distributors in 100 countries.

D'Addario also supplies many manufacturers in Japan, Canada, India, Korea, Republic of China, and Taiwan with original equipment strings for use on new instruments produced in those countries. In addition to its manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Farmingdale, NY and Sun Valley, CA, the company operates a shipping facility in California, its own distribution company in Toronto, Canada, and several satellite offices around the world.

In the past several years, the company has developed a number of new products in the classical string field, including synthetic core violin, viola, and cello strings, as well as accessories, cables, and the groundbreaking EXP coated fretted instrument strings. The company maintains a complete research and development department within the Farmingdale facility, as well as an in-house engineering department that designs and builds virtually all of the advanced equipment used for its operations. Recent advancements include the automation of packaging, the integration of packaging functions with manufacturing, and the upgrade of string and drumhead manufacturing equipment.

In 2004, D'Addario announced the acquisition of Rico International, the world's leading manufacturer of reeds and mouthpieces. Rico's great heritage, long history of success and status as one of the strongest musical accessory brands in the world make it a perfect addition to J. D'Addario's family of brands.

Daddario EXL 140 10-52 LTHB List Price: US$9,99

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Dave Mustaine currently strings up his guitars with GHS strings.

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